Booklist Review:Why do Giraffes Have Long Necks?

Smart, playful Billy, an animated preteen with a wacky blue hairdo, hosts this program that asks, "Why are things the way they are?" While playing fetch, Billy pursues his dog Doogie into the tall grass, where he discovers an amazing live-action world. Superimposed against live footage, Billy finds and identifies six animals, including a lemur, bison, and giraffe. Looking directly at the camera, he poses questions, provides unusual animal behavior and habitat facts, and effortlessly defines terms. This information is reinforced with humorous clips, such as a visual of three animated men stacked vertically to demonstrate a zebra's height. When Billy finally finds Doogie in the tall grass, they backtrack to their animated world. This leisurely paced, informative DVD featuring an amiable guide is an engaging presentation of cool animal facts. 
     — Abby Alpert