School Library Journal Reviews Premier Episode of Billy Blue Hair - Why Do Giraffes Have Long Necks?

Review, School LIbrary Journal -  When viewers are first introduced to Billy Blue Hair and his dog Doogie, the pair are playing fetch in their animated world. Billy is a preteen boy who wears a t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes and has a healthy head of blue hair. When the ball goes into the high grasses, Doogie follows. When Doogie doesn't return, Billy goes after him and finds himself in a live-action world filled with wondrous animals. During his quest to find Doogie, Billy comes across the American Bison, Siamong Ape, Red Ruffed Lemur Monkey, giraffes, zebras, and lions. Billy offers facts about the animals, such as the environment they live in, eating habits, and general information about size and stature. Definitions of unfamiliar terms are woven seamlessly into the narration. For example, "zebras are herbivores, which means they mainly eat grasses." Fun facts are reinforced with the inclusion of animated figures within the live-action footage. When a question such as, "Did you know that a giraffe is as tall as three grown men standing on top of each other?" is posed, three animated men standing on top of one another appear for a brief time next to the giraffe. With great production values, a wealth of interesting facts, and a likeable guide, this first episode in the series is a must-have for every collection serving young children. 

    -Veronica Schwartz, Des Plaines (IL) Public Library