A Personalized Safari Adventure

One Chic Mama (Review) - Kids love animal adventures, especially when they get to see real live animals - and not just of the animated, talking variety. But add a cool narrator such as Billy Blue Hair, who speaks directly to your child using their name, and you've got a hook that will have your kids riveted!

Billy Blue Hair: Why do Giraffes Have Long Necks? is a fun and educational video that takes your kids on a safari adventure. They'll learn fun facts about animals as Billy uses their name and talks to them as if he were their tour guide. When Billy mentions that a bison weighs as much as a car, an animated car pops up on the screen so kids can have a visual image of the comparison.

Our copy of Billy Blue Hair: Why do Giraffes Have Long Necks? was personalized for my son, Dylan, and he couldn't have been more surprised and excited when Billy first said his name. He sat through the 30 minute long video awaiting to hear it again, learning about why zebras have stripes and other fun facts in the meantime. If you're looking for a fun video that teaches your kids something too, this is your ticket! What child doesn't want to learn about animals, especially when their being spoken to personally?


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